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Tough week, good day.

Posted by Kathryn Carlson on Sunday, August 31, 2014

It was a rough week for me. I missed two days of work and spent nearly every minute I was home in bed. I didn't get a bit of painting or drawing done until today. Today has been great so far! I've put in an hour session of painting earlier and had minimal pain. I put on a podcast, put my head down and put some paint on the canvas. Currently, I'm reworking the painting A Privilege of Madness, which was a semi-incomplete painting from my thesis show two years ago. I stripped the varnish from it and have had the best time revisiting the piece. Today, I started work on the butterfly wings, thoroughly enjoying the vibrant colors and small brushwork. Hoping to get back to it after a little rest for my arm. Have a fantastic weekend everyone!

Tags: motivation painting 
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