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Long week.

Posted by Kathryn Carlson on Sunday, September 21, 2014,
Had an incredibly tough week. Had five migraines in as many days and another this morning. So I only managed about an hour of painting this week. I worked on the underpainting for "Liberation." Despite the rough week, I'm still pretty jazzed about this painting. I think I'll still be able to pull this show off even though I'll be cutting it really close.

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Scumbling Left Handed

Posted by Kathryn Carlson on Sunday, September 14, 2014,
Had a physically exhausting day yesterday, so my body hurts pretty bad today, but I managed to get a good two hours of painting in anyway. I'm feeling really excited about the giant painting I'm working on and I think that excitement is what helped me get my ass up to do it. Lots of large areas of scumbling today, which is particularly exhausting on my arm. Good news though, I'm getting better at it with my left hand!

Today, I had just intended to put the sketch on (in charcoal) but was able ...

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The Biggest Painting Ever

Posted by Kathryn Carlson on Sunday, September 7, 2014,
So, on a whim I started the largest painting that I have ever attempted. I will be called "Liberation" and is an updated attempt at a painting I did when I was 17, before I learned the skills that I have now. I'm really excited about it an hope that I can finish it in time for the show. I don't have the exact dimensions but here are some pics of it in my studio.

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